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Our Story:

'Hennesea' comes from the Swedish word 'Hennes' which means hers. Originally formed during 2011 originally as a female duet by Anna Watts and Jane Devereaux. We released an EP called "Lost for Words" in February 2012 with six original songs written by Anna.

The first song, "Singing and dancing in the rain," was heard by DJ Techstyle and re-mixed for release as a single as a dance anthem. This single did well in Argentina, USA and Turkey.

With growing demands for live performances Hennesea were joined by Shaun Hughes and Mark Keene. A second EP, "Shine On" was released in July 2013 with a more varied and rocky style. 

Sadly, Jane Devereaux was not able to continue and retired from Hennesea during October 2013, followed by Shaun in February 2014. This gave us the opportunity for a new direction, and we're going back to our roots of folk/blues. Another aspect of our new direction is to be an 'open band' in the sense that we have guest musicians and singers to bring fresh dynamics to our performances and new and different instrument combinations. 

We finished  recording our third EP ("One fine day") in June 2014. It is very exciting working with our guest musicians, Mae Hunter (harmony vocals, flute) and Paul Boyce (bass). 

At the present time we are busy in the studio recording our first full length LP.