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 One fine day

 Our latest EP was released in July 2014. Here we have gone back to our folk roots and produced a series of chilled songs for relaxing to. We are really liking our new sound with a wider variety of instruments. 

 Lost for words

This is the first EP recorded by Hennesea. It was recorded over the winter of 2011/12  and started as a means of capturing some of Anna's songs. It soon grew into a proper production, jointly produced by Anna and Jane. 

Shine On

Recorded in Spring 2013, Shine On combines the folk-style songs by Anna with the varied musical styles and flavours we were experimenting with during that time. 


Singing and Dancing in the Rain - Techstyle Club Mix. 

 This was our debut single; a remix of the original from producer Techstyle, who has been recently commissioned to remix works by both Jessie J and The Black Eyed Peas. 


Recorded during November 2012, Time is our song for the New Year season. The first Hennesea recording with Mark Keene (electric guitars) and Shaun Hughes (bass). 

The Ship

The Ship represents a new phase and a new style for Hennesea. After Jane left the band in early 2014 we had a re-think about our sound and decided to move in the more folk direction, as this suits Anna's songwriting and vocal style.