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Upcoming Appearances 2017
15th April (Sat).  The Great Malvern Hotel 9-11 pm.
29th April (Sat) Arkfest venue TBD
30 April (Sun). The Foley Arms Hotel Malvern. 8:30-11 pm
E clinical neuroscience research group, university of manchester salford, manchester, uk. Abstract frontotemporal lobar degeneration (ftld) refers to a focal, non-alzheimer form of cerebral degeneration that encompasses the distinct clinical syndromes of frontotemporal dementia (ftd), progressive non-fluent aphasia (pnfa) and semantic dementia. Some patients show tau-based pathological changes and in familial cases mutations have been identified in the microtubule-associated protein tau gene (mapt) on chromosome 17q21. However, many cases are tau-negative, showing instead ubiquitin-immunoreactive (ubq-ir) neuronal cytoplasmic inclusions and neurites, and in some familial cases ubq-ir neuronal intranuclear inclusions of a lentiform appearance. Very recently, mutations have been identified in familial cases in the progranulin (pgrn) gene, also on chromosome 17q21. Clinical, pathological and molecular diversity within ftld highlights the importance of careful examination of clinical-pathological-genetic relationships. This paper reports, for the first time, a clinico-pathological investigation of two ftld families with pgrn mutations, and compares the clinical characteristics with those of patients studied in the department with mapt mutations. The clinical profile associated with pgrn mutations constituted, in some patients, a prototypical picture of ftd and in others one of pnfa, both profiles occurring within the same family. Patients with pgrn mutations exhibited phonological deficits, whereas in patients with mapt mutations language abnormalities, when present in addition to the prominent behavioural disorder, take the form of semantic disturbance. The findings provide compelling evidence for the link between ftd and pnfa, while raising the possibility of identifiable clinical differences between ftld patients with mapt and pgrn mutations. Comment in frontotemporal lobar degeneration through loss of progranulin function. cheap viagra viagra for sale nz viagra without a doctor prescription 100 mg generic viagra buy viagra online overnight shipping buy real viagra viagra with prescription buy viagra generic cheap viagra pills for sale [brain. 2006] frontotemporal lobar degeneration through loss of progranulin function. Goedert m, spillantini mg. Brain. 2006 nov; 129(pt 11):2808-10. Pmid: 17003069 [pubmed - indexed for medline] free full text publication types, mesh terms, substances publication types case reports research support, non-u. S. Gov't mesh terms aged aphasia, broca/genetics* aphasia, broca/metabolism aphasia, broca/pathology aphasia, broca/psychology brain mapping/methods cognition disorders/etiology cognition disorders/pathology dementia/genetics* dementia/metabolism dementia/pathology dementia/psychology disease progression female humans intercellular signaling peptides and proteins/genetics* intercellular signaling. 2nd Saturday of every month. The Great Malvern Hotel 9-11 pm
New Year's Eve, Great Malvern Hotel. 
Please see our FB page for details.



Hennesea are proud to announce their debut album 

"Book of Life"

Available from iTunes Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify, or CD

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Welcome to the Hennesea website!

 Breaking News

We are delighted  to announce that we will become the house band of the Great Malvern Hotel from April 2017. The bar at the Great Malvern has been a bastion of live music in Malvern for over a decade. Averaging two live band evenings a week as well as an open mic night, people come from miles around to hear live music there. Great live music from local (and not so local) musicians and bands is part of the character of the town and the Great Malvern is at the heart of it. We are delighted to have been invited to become the house band and we look forward to many exciting evenings playing there. The launch event will be on Saturday April 15th in the bar at The Great Malvern, and thereafter we will be appearing every second Saturday of the month. These regular events are free to attend and open to all, so we hope to see you there. 

We are a music band performing original New Folk music. We are available to play internationally and our songs are available on CD and iTunes, or for use in TV, film or advertising. 

Here you can find everything you want to know about Hennesea, including information on the band, photos, and links to hear or buy our music.  Please look around here and especially our Facebook page.  Facebook is our main forum for comments, discussion and current news. 

We hope you enjoy your visit; thank you for looking us up.


Anna, Mark & Garry