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Some of our guest artists

Martin Furey (of The High Kings)Martin Furey (of The High Kings)

Mae HunterMae Hunter


James BurnhamJames Burnham

Our name, 'Hennesea' is derived from the Swedish word 'Hennes' which means hers. 

 Meet the band members: 

 Anna Watts; Songwriter, acoustic guitar, vocals, harmonica.

 Anna WattsAnna WattsI started playing guitar and singing at about the age of 9, influenced by my  Swedish Mother who regularly had music evenings based around Swedish folk music. My first performance was at a parent's  folk evening at the school  at the age of 10  where I sang 'Every day' by Buddy Holly. 

 At the age of 20 My Mother died so I took off with my guitar and travelled around Greece for 2 years, literally singing for my supper. Later I worked  in kitchens long enough to buy me a flight to Australia  where I met up with a good friend who was also a musician.  We busked our way around the country picking up various gigs in hotels, bars and festivals.

I returned to England at the age of 24. In late 2010 I met Jane Devereaux and we formed Hennesea. I started writing songs and we put these to the test at some festivals which went down well and since then things have escalated. We've built up the band, released 2 EPs and had one international far.

 Garry Low; Drums, percussion

Garry LowGarry Low

I spent my formative years as a trainee sound engineer in Sirocco Studios, one of Scotland’s top recording facilities. There I worked with many well known cutting edge artists and musicians. Relocating to England, I continued my career recording and producing music from many genres, whilst building my reputation as a drummer / percussionist.

My combination of drum kit and percussion playing has provided much of the driving force behind many notable projects, such as the "Headhunters". Their critically acclaimed debut album, 'Millennium Time Bomb' featured, among others, Nigel Kennedy, Kadir Durvesh and Martin and Aine Furey. We toured extensively, headlining both The Avalon stage at Glastonbury, and the Big Green Gathering. I have also performed throughout the UK, Ireland and Mainland Europe, with Suns of Arqa, Celtarabia, Royal Shakespeare Co, Bohinta and Martin Furey. I have worked on many projects alongside Martin, including the album “Belladonna”. I have lately been working in my own recording studio with many bands and musicians. 

I joined Hennesea in Spring 2013 and recorded the EPs "Shine On" and "One fine day"


Mark Keene; Guitars, bass, mandolin, Celtic bouzouki and ukulele. 

Mark KeeneMark Keene Hi. I took up guitar at the age of 17 - a sudden decision whilst overwhelmed listening Brian May on "March of the Black Queen", on the black side of the album Queen II. 

 My main influences are Pete Townsend, Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray Vaughan & BB King. I go to Chicago fairly often and there I seek out the great Blues and jazz clubs and bars, my very favorite being the Kingston Mines on North-side, closely followed by B.L.U.E.S. and Jazz Showcase

In early 2012  I was "spotted" whilst playing my beloved mandolin, just a day or two after Hennesea had recorded "Mandolin Man" in the studio. Before I knew it here I am with Hennesea! It is great to be playing original music alongside the wonderful talents of Anna, Garry, and our guest musicians. 

I also write a monthly music column for the web magazine Storyacious. Click the pictures right to have a read and a listen.